TVXQ ‘Mirotic’ Chorus English Translation


넌 나를 원해

넌 내게 빠져

넌 내게 미쳐

헤어날 수 없어

I got you under my skin


You want me

You’re falling for me

You drive me crazy

You can’t break free

I got you under my skin


넌 나를 원해

넌 is 너, the informal word for ‘you’ with the topic marker -ㄴ/는, making it the subject of the sentence.

나를 is the informal 나, meaning ‘I/me’, with the object particle -를/을, making it the thing being ‘verbed’.

원해 is the present tense informal conjugation of 원하다, meaning ‘want’.

넌 내게 빠져

내게 is 나, the informal ‘I/me’ with -에게 added to it. When this grammar is added to this word, they combine into 내게. -에게 is added to a noun to mean ‘to/for the noun’. For example, in proper grammar I could say 그 사람은 내게 사과 줬어, meaning ‘that person gave an apple to me’. So 내게 in these sentences means ‘to/for me’. For, you wouldn’t normally use 내게 with 원해, but this is a song lyric, and so the grammar is used more colloquially and less correctly in order to match the other lines in the chorus.

빠져 is the present tense informal conjugation of 빠지다, meaning ‘to fall’. In this context, it is being used with people, saying that ‘you fall to me’. This is used like the english expression of falling for someone and means that they’re falling in love.

넌 내게 미쳐

Focusing just on 미쳐. This is the informal present tense conjugation of 미치다, meaning ‘to be crazy’. Usually, to say ‘you make me ____’ with proper grammar, we would add -주다 to the end of the word before conjugating. For example, this sentence would become ‘넌 내게 미쳐줘’. But this is a song lyric, and they aren’t proper grammar.

헤어날 수 없어

헤어나다 is used for breaking free from an adversary or difficult situation. It’s a bit odd, but this description helped me (and matches what a native told me about the word):

-을/ㄹ 수 없어(요) is grammar that’s added to the stem of a verb to show that you are unable to verb.

Another example: 난 그것 할 수 없어 = I can’t do that

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