Wuthering Heights Characters Names in 한글/Korean (Reading Practice)

Because why not. I figure this can be a short 한글 lesson (specifically regarding Konglish) and could make good reading practice for beginners. Konglish always trips me up.

Wuthering Heights is my absolute favorite book. All the characters are awful and you don’t read it to support the characters; you read it to see what terrible decisions they make and what comes from them.

It’s cathartic.

Since I’m learning Korean, I went ahead and bought the Korean edition of it!


Character names, when translating novels, are kept the same but converted into the Korean alphabet and grammatical system. I have a Korean copy of Wuthering Heights, so decided to post the names so you can do a comparison of the English and Korean and practice your 한글 reading skills. It will help you compare the sounds of each language and see how, when Korean doesn’t have the same sound, the original sound is translated to something similar.

For example:

-shaw = 쇼

Not the same! But similar.

Another note! Korean words cannot end with a ㅅ if it is supposed to be an s sound. Because in Korean, ㅅ at the end of the word makes a t sound. So if an English word ends in an s, it is produced in Korean as 스, because when translating you have to adapt the name or word to fit the new alphabet and its rules. 스 makes a more similar sound to s. You will also see 드 and 프 used, as it again creates a more similar sound.




캐서린 언쇼

Catherine Earnshaw

에드가 린튼

Edgar Linton

힌들리 언쇼

Hindley Earnshaw

이사벨라 린튼

Isabella Linton

프랜시스 언쇼

Francis Earnshaw

언쇼 씨

Mr. Earnshaw

-씨 is a particle in Korean that is placed after a name to indicate respect for the person. It is often used for elders or people one is unfamiliar with.

엘렌 ‘넬리’ 딘

Ellen ‘Nellie’ Dean

캐서린 린튼

Catherine Linton

헤어튼 언쇼

Hareton Earnshaw

린튼 히스클리프

Linton Heathcliff

조지프 (조셉)


These are two different ways to write his name

린튼 씨

Mr. Linton



So yeah all the characters are named after each other



Thrushcross [Grange]

an estate occupied by the Lintons and later Lockwood

폭풍의 언덕

Wuthering Heights

Literally this is translated to ‘Storm Hill’. It isn’t 한글 practice but I felt weird only having one location on the list.

~ Hannah

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We are just 2 students who wish to share the love and joy of learning language through lesson posts and translations! We are doing this for fun, based on our experience and questions we ask native speakers. We are not fluent! Just passionate  ~ Hannah, Shelbi, and Jordan

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