Text slang and abbreviations

-> 봐

-> from 보다 (see/watch/try)

-> 한번

-> once / one time.

“I’ll have to check it out” 함바야지 (한번 봐야지) “try eating it once” 함먹어바 (한번 먹어봐)

당근이지-> used cause it sounds similar to 당연하지 of course! (but literally-> its a carrot藍)

절레절레-> smh

(theres another version here!)

노잼-> 재미가 없어

-> no fun

맴찢-> 마음이 찢어졌어

-> heartbreak (literal, heart was broken/torn)

케바케-> 케이스 바이 케이스

case by case

일케-> 이렇게

-> like this

어케-> 어떻게

-> how

노메-> 노 메시지

-> no comment

존예-> 존나 예뻐

-> freaking gorgeous (bad word)

존못-> 존나 못생겼어

->fugly (bad word)

존맛-> 존나 맛있어

->freaking delicious (bad word)

ㅇㅈ-> 인정

->admit/ i agree

ㄴㅇㅈ-> 노 인정

-> (disagree. no/i dont think so) (ive also seen it refer to 노오잼 no fun)

아아-> 아이스 아메리카노

-> iced americano

아카마-> 아이스 카라멜 마키아토

-> iced caramel macchiato

ㅅㅂ-> 시발 (bad word)
ㅅㅂ년아-> bad word for female
ㅅㅂ놈아-> bad word for male

ㅆㄱ-> 새끼 (bad word)

ㄷㅊ-> 닥쳐!

-> stfu

ㅇㄱㄹㅇ-> 아 그래요?

->oh, really?

ㄹㅇ-> 레알->


ㄱㄷ-> 기다려


ㅇㄷ-> 어디


-> 너무

->very / really

-> 조금

-> a little

-> 그냥

-> just

-> 지금

-> right now

-> 마음

-> heart/mind

ㅎ2/ㅎㅇ-> 하이

-> hi

ㅃ/ㅂㅂ/ㅂ2-> 바이

-> bye

82-> 빨리

-> quickly

-> 8= 팔 2=이 팔이-> 빨리

ㄱㄱ-> 고고

-> gogo

ㄴㄴ-> 노노


ㄱㅊ-> 괜찮아

-> its ok

82ㄱㄱ-> 빨리 고고

-> (go quickly)

ㅈㅅ-> 죄송해

-> sorry

ㄱㅅ-> 감사해

-> thanks

ㅊㅋ/ㅊㅊ-> 축하

-> congrats

ㅌㅌ-> 토끼다

-> (gamer slang for run away, enemy spotted)

ㄷㄷ-> 덜덜

-> shivering

-> can be nervousness or excitment

ㅎㅎ-> haha

ㅋㅋㅋ-> lol
-> sarcastic “크”



Remember text slangs are informal. If you say ㄱㅅ to someone you don’t know well, it may be rude. If you were to text your boss, you wouldnt say “ty” you’d be more professional and spell it out.

Published by Satyanghae Korean (Hannah & Shelbi)

We are just 3 students who wish to share the love and joy of learning Korean through lesson posts and translations! We are doing this for fun, based on our experience and questions we ask native speakers. We are not fluent! Just passionate  ~ Hannah, Shelbi, and Jordan

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