Nathan Pyle ‘Strange Planet’ Korean Version + Translation + Grammar Breakdown

Literal trans:

Has my existence stopped? Trickery! It has not.

Alright we will have to take this in 2 parts.


A combination of the informal you 나 (meaning ‘I’) and the topic particle -가.

-이/가 is used to indicate the topic of a sentence. -이 for words ending in a consonant sound and -가 for those ending in a vowel sound.

When these attach to 나, the word actually changes form to 내가. It’s just one of those unusual words that you have to remember.

존재하는 것을

존재하다 = to exist

This uses -은/는 것 grammar. This grammar is attached to the stem of a verb in order to turn it into a noun. Thing of it as ‘the act of verbing….’

을/를 is a particle that is added to the end of a noun to indicate that it is the object of a sentence, or the thing that is being ‘verbed’.

Because we have turned 존재하다 into a noun using -는 것, we can attach -을 to the end of 것.

So this has become ‘the act of existing’.


멈추다 = to stop

-ㄹ/을까 can be added to the end of verbs to turn them into a question.


This translated to ‘trickery’.

It’s being used in the same way that we would use ‘Surprise!’ in English. It is just stating that ‘it’ is (in this case) trickery.


아니다 is ‘to not be’. You may recognize 아니/아니요 as meaning ‘no’. This is simply the dictionary form of the past tense conjugation.

In this specific case, it more naturally translates to ‘I have not!’ but more literally means ‘no’ or ‘to not’. If you remember this it will be easy to translate in context.

English vs Korean

Here are both versions of the comic:

Natural Literal Translation:

Has my existence stopped? Trickery! It has not.

~ Hannah

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