Religion vocab

If you want to know about something not on this list, let me know and I will do my best to research it for you.

지옥 hell

악마/악령/마귀/악신 devil/demon/evil spirit

(-> I confirmed that they dont really differentiate demon from devil. I was also told 악신 isnt used much)


죄인 sinner

죄(를) 짓다 to commit a sin

천국 / 하늘나라 heaven

천사 angel

기도 prayer

(기도하다 to pray)

신앙 faith (holding to one’s beliefs)

기적 miracle

~을/를 행하다 to perform

(-> I was told not to drop 을/를 with this)

EX: 예수님은 기적을 행하셨어요 Jesus performed miracles)

신/하나님/하느님 God

종교 religion

기독교 Christianity

침례교 Baptist

(기독교인 / 침례교인 a Christian / Baptist)

세례(식) Baptism (ceremony)

교회 church

십자가 cross

십자가형 crucifixion

Buddhist temple

불교 Buddhism

부처님 Buddha

부처님 오신 날 Buddha’s Birthday (literally “the day buddha came”)

이슬람교 Islam

알라 Allah

일신교 monotheism

유일신 Only One God

(-> 유일 just one/the only one + 신 God)

다신교 polytheism

무신론 Atheism

~ Shelbi

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