Say Speaking is a website that offers korean tutoring. In my opinion it is too pricy, but overall I had a good experience. I am pleased to see that they fixed the website so it now works on portrait mode.

The tutoring sessions last for 55 minutes and are done by video call. The tutor types as you go and sends you the file afterwards, so you don’t have to worry about taking notes.

For each session you pick a topic. Once the class has been scheduled, you get access to a link. It will have some vocab and a list of questions that the tutor will ask you. To prepare for the session, answer these questions to the best of your ability.

At the beginning of the session the tutor may ask you simple off topic questions like “How was your day?” and then will proceed to simply ask you the questions on the worksheet. They will correct your grammar and pronunciation and help you formulate the answer if you weren’t able to do so on your own. They will also answer any questions you have. They may assign you additional homework like “Write 5 sentences about this topic and send it to me so I can correct it for you”.

After the session, you will be asked to review the class. You will not be able to view the teachers feedback until you do so. I usually just said “도움이 많이 됐어요 감사합니다” or something. The first time I was told to not be so nervous and my other 2 classes were just “great job”. Since they correct your sentences as you go, there may not often be a need for them to leave feedback other than “great job”.

The tutor I had used Korean as much as possible and switched to English when I looked confused or asked her to repeat. This actually made me feel more confident with trying to communicate verbally. You don’t have to worry about your korean ability because the tutors can speak English as well.

From what I can tell, you can’t schedule individual classes. You have to buy a package and you have so many weeks to schedule the classes. They do this because you shouldn’t go too long in between sessions (not if you want to see decent progress), but this doesn’t work with my sporadic/unpredictable schedule. So I did not purchase anymore packages after the trial.

If you can afford it and will have no trouble doing one class a week, then I do recommend it. Otherwise, there are cheaper options that you can look into.

For this package, you have to schedule your classes within 20 days of purchase.

I’m not sure how informative this actually was, but I hope you found it useful if deciding to use this site.

~ Shelbi

Published by Hannah & Shelbi

We are just 2 students who wish to share the love and joy of learning language through lesson posts and translations! We are doing this for fun, based on our experience and questions we ask native speakers. We are not fluent! Just passionate  ~ Hannah, Shelbi, and Jordan

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