Got7’s Dream Knight Drama Script Translation (Cover)

A while ago I ordered Got7’s Dream Knight webdrama.

It came with a script!My plan is to translate an episode at a time, and then watch the episode (they’re only 10 minutes long) with Korean captions to practice understanding it. When I’m done with that, I’ll turn off the captions and it’ll be great listening practice.

I’m not translating the whole script because it looks like this:

And making a translation Amino post would be way too long.

So here’s the trans of the cover.

We’ll start with the top right.

It’s a lot of names, which makes memorization easy and also helps with 한글 practice for the newer learners!

연출: 박병환

Literal translation:

Production: Park Byung Hwan

연출 translates to production, direction, and management. So it’s saying that 박병환 did the production. In English we’d call him the producer/director

각본: 김은영, 김회란, 신혀미, 안석찬, 원영실

Screenplay: Kim Eun Young, Kim Hwi Ran, Shin Hyo Mi, Ahn Seok Chan, Won Young Sil

각본 is screenplay! So it’s listing the writers. The following part is names in 한글, so again it’s good practice for newer learners!



Script Book

대본 is ‘script’. Like for a movie, show, play, etc. Now, if you read 북 our loud, you’ll realize that it sounds like the English word ‘book’.

Normally in Korean, they would use the word 책 for book. After all, 책 is the Korean word meaning ‘book’. However, for some reason they chose to use 북. So this translates literally to ‘script book’. However, in English it would be more natural to just say ‘script’, as it is understood that it is a book.

출연: 송하윤, JB, 주니어, 잭슨, 마크, 영재, 뱀뱀, 유겸, 민

Appearances: Song Ha Yoon, JB, Junior, Jackson, Mark, Youngjae, BamBam, Yugyeom, Min

(Most of these are the Got7 members)

출연 literally means ‘appearances’, but in this case it is used for the main cast to mean more like ‘actor’.

The rest is just names, so it’s good 한글 practice!

~ Hannah

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