Temperature in Korean

Koreans (and everyone else except Americans ?) use Celsius instead of Fahrenheit

How to Read the Numbers:

Decimals are read like we do in English. The number before the decimal is read as a whole number. The numbers after the decimal are read individually. Read using SINO KOREAN numbers (일 이 삼). The decimal is read as 점. 0 is read as 영

Add 도 after the number for “degrees”



온도 temperature

섭씨 celsius

화씨 Fahrenheit

온기 heat / warmth

(-> this has a more pleasant nuance like “mothers heat” 엄마의 온기)

열기 heat / fever

(-> this seems hotter than 온기)

영하 below zero

영하 십삼도 negative 13 degrees (“celsius” is inferred)

절대온도 / 켈빈 Kelvin (absolute temp)

-> this is not measured in degrees!

절대 영 absolute zero


What is 0 degrees celsius in Kelvin?

-> 섭씨 0도는 절대온도로 얼마예요?

0 degrees celsius is 273.15 in Kelvin

-> 섭씨 0도는 273.15 켈빈이에요

(273.15 reads as 이백칠십삼 점 일오)

What is the temperature in seoul?

서울은 몇 도예요?

It is 34 degrees (celsius) in seoul

서울은 (섭씨) 34도예요

More on that last sentence-> Places are described as being temperature/time. (You don’t use 에)
What time is it in korea?->한국은 몇 시예요?
It is 3am in korea->한국은 새벽 3시예요
Korea is super hot in the summer-> 여름에 한국은 진짜 너무 더워요
It is Hot in korea-> 한국은 더워요



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