Strange Planet Comic Translation (Korean/English)

I’ll absorb it all

I’ll absorb it all


A combination of the informal you 나 (meaning ‘I’) and the topic particle -가.

-이/가 is used to indicate the topic of a sentence.

-이 for words ending in a consonant sound and -가 for those ending in a vowel sound.

When these attach to 나, the word actually changes form to 내가. It’s just one of those unusual words that you have to remember.

다 means ‘all’.

So it is placed right before a verb to indicate that you are verbing ‘all’ of a thing


This means ‘to absorb’.

-ㄹ게 is added to the end of a verb to indicate that you will do something. It is an informal future tense conjugation. It differs from -ㄹ거야 in that -할게 indicates that the action occurs due to your desire/choice to do it. -ㄹ거야 just generally means you will do it. It’s kind of a hard concept for me to explain, but it will make sense once you see it used a few times! Don’t overthink it too much; just remember that its an informal future tense.

My friend’s explanation

The Eng vs the Kor

Here’s both versions of the comic for comparison ~


~ Hannah

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