Hangul [Korean] Reading Practice

So I went to my friend’s house and found this book.

What do you think it says?

Pause and think about it before continuing ~




It says:

7 년의 밤

Look at the cover again. Can you see it?




What about now?

Some of the letters are also parts of other letters, which makes it tricky.

Fun fact! In Korea they write 7’s like it’s written on the book cover, not like the way it’s written on the keyboard!





a particle marking possession/ownership


7 년의 밤

7 years’ night

My friend translated as ‘night’ and not ‘nights’. From what she told me of the plot I believe it would be singular. But in Korean they don’t use plurals unless they want to emphasize it so ~

~ Hannah

Published by Hannah & Shelbi

We are just 2 students who wish to share the love and joy of learning language through lesson posts and translations! We are doing this for fun, based on our experience and questions we ask native speakers. We are not fluent! Just passionate  ~ Hannah, Shelbi, and Jordan

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