Handwriting progress (Shelbi)

I just think it’s fun to watch our progression. Unfortunately, I only have a couple examples with time stamps (another reason I decided to post this)

SUMMER OF 2018 (somewhere between august and October)




Less blocky, but pretty sloppy for my “neat” handwriting. I have noticed that I’m not the only student to use sloppiness to cover up blockiness in an attempt to look more natural in my writing😅




my “neat” handwriting




The purpose of the speed writing is to not only see your sloppy writing, but to also test your retention. We can only retain so many words as we copy. The more familiar you are with the language, the more words you can retain as you copy.

SF9 RPM lyrics

about 19 minutes! (for full song)





Enhypen Fever lyrics

Kor: 4min 11sec, 2 typo, 0 mistake. Eng: 3min 29sec 1 typo, 2 mistake



As I look back through my handwriting, I’m not sure what possessed me to think drawing a wide ㅂ and putting a verticle line through the middle would be easier than writing a w and putting a horizontal line 🤔

I dont know the point of this other than it’s fun for me to document and to show others you will get less blocky and more neat with time 🙂


Published by Satyanghae Korean (Hannah & Shelbi)

We are just 3 students who wish to share the love and joy of learning Korean through lesson posts and translations! We are doing this for fun, based on our experience and questions we ask native speakers. We are not fluent! Just passionate  ~ Hannah, Shelbi, and Jordan

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