“to fail” 불합격 vs 떨어지다 vs 실패 vs 낙방


Both of these are used for “to fail a test” however most commonly used is 떨어지다 which literally translates to “fall/drop”

시험에 불합격하다 / 시험에 떨어지다
to fail a test



to fail at an attempt

인생에 실패했어
to fail at life

수영에 실패했어
failed at swimming

다이어트에 실패했어
failed at dieting

셀카 실패
selfie fail



to fail and have to be repeated (usually a grade/course)
-> can be used for “fail a test” but 떨어지다 is more common

한급 두번에 낙방했어
failed level one twice

초등학교 육학년에 낙방했어
failed 6th grade

기능에 두번 낙방했어
failed function twice
(Like a phone trying to access something. It failed and had to repeat the attempt)

걔는 낙방생이였어요
He is a failed student (failed a grade / course)


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We are just 2 students who wish to share the love and joy of learning language through lesson posts and translations! We are doing this for fun, based on our experience and questions we ask native speakers. We are not fluent! Just passionate  ~ Hannah, Shelbi, and Jordan

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