Random sentences I learned

When I was first studying, I noted these to learn some vocabulary words or to learn the construction of certain types of sentences.

Let me know if you see any mistakes!

무슨 앱으로 한국어 공부해요?
What apps are you using to study korean?

거의 끝났어요/ 거의 끝나가요
It’s almost finished/ I’m almost done
literal-> its almost ended/ its almost going to end

거의 다 됐어요/ 거의 다 돼가요
It’s almost finished/ I’m almost done
literal-> its almost become all/ its almost going to become all

아무것도 하기 싫은 날
lazy day!
literal-> day I hate doing anything
-> 공부하기 싫은 날 day I hate studying (a day i dont feel like doing X -> all of these are versions of a lazy day)

끝날 때까지 끝난 게 아니에요
It’s not over til it’s over!
more literal-> until when it ends, it is not over

일찍 일어나기 싫어해요!
I hate waking up early

저랑 같이 가는 사람한테 돈을 줄 거예요!
I’ll pay someone to go with me
literal I will give money to the go with me person
–> 제 숙제 하는 사람한테 돈을 줄 거예요
—> I’ll pay someone to do my homework
To the person (사람한테) that does x (x 하는) i will give money (돈을 줄 거예요) -> x하는 사람한테 돈을 줄 거예요

너 외출 금지야!
You’re grounded!
금지-> ban/prohibit/forbid
외출-> go out

왜 네 숙제에 낙서 했어??
Why did you doodle on your homework?
낙서-> doodle/graffiti

영화속 명대사로 영어 공부하기
Studying english with this famous line
영화속 명대사-> famous movie line

영화속 명장면 다시 보기
Watching this famous scene again
영화속 명장면-> famous movie scene

To be outdated -> 뒤떨어져있어요 ( 뒤+떨어지다+있다 )
저는 시대에 뒤떨어져있어요
I’m behind the times
제 핸드폰은 시대에 뒤떨어져있어요
My phone is outdated (my phone is falling behind this time period)

마음 단단히 먹어!
brace yourself!
(firmly eat heart)

한국어 공부를 시작하기로 마음 먹었어요
Made up my mind to start studying korean (lit: ate heart in order to start doing korean study) This sounds like a very firm decision.

이건 인생을 바꿀만한 일이네요!
This is life changing!!!
-> lit: This is worth changing lives work!
바꿀만한-> 바꾸다+만하다 (change+worth doing)

x하는 사람이 부러워요
I envy people who do x

영화 보면서 언어 배울 수 있는 사람이 부러워요 ㅠㅠ
I’m jealous of those that can learn a language by watching movies (lit: watching movies while, language learn can people make envious)

영화 보면서 언어 배우는 사람이 부러워요 ㅠㅠ
I’m jealous of those that learn a language by watching movies

머리 아픈거 다 났어요?
Does your head feel better?
났어요 is short for 나았어요 (comes from a ㅅ irregular verb 낫다)

이거 물어본 건죠?
This is what you were asking about, right?
물어본 건죠-> 물어본 것이다 + 죠 (-> asking for confirmation *has many uses but in this case its confirmation)

환율은 달러랑 1130원쯤 해요.
The exchange rate is about 1130 won for 1 USD.
More literal: the exchange rate with dollars about 1130 won does (if it wasnt for the about/ 쯤, it would be 원이에요 instead of 원쯤 해요)
1130-> 천백삼십

한국어 더 배우고 나서 일본어 배우고 싶어요
I wanna learn japanese after i learn more korean
more literal-> since more korean learn occured, japanese learn i want
나다 to occur. (열이나요 a fever came. 화나요-> anger came)
so verb stem+ 고 나서= once this action is completed (indicates an order sequence)

대학교 졸업하고 나서 한국에 가고 싶어요
I wanna go to korea after I graduate college (College graduated and since occured korea to go I want)

일본어 배우기 전에 한국어 더 배우고 싶어요
I wanna learn more korean before learning japanese
more literal-> japanese learning before, korean more learn I want
verb stem+기 전에-> before verbing

오늘 오랜만에 친구들 만났다고 끝까지 달리는건 아니시죠?
You’re not gonna go all out just cause you met your friends for the first time in a while are you?
*오랜만에 만났다-> we met after a while (we met for the first time in a while)
(maybe i should blog on “its been a while since~” vs “to verb for the first time in a while”)
*끝까지 달리다-> to run til the end. (go all out. make a night of it)
*아니시죠-> 아니다+으시+죠-> to not be, right?

갈 때까지 가보자/ 끝까지 가보자!
Let’s go all out!
갈 때까지-> until when you go
끝까지-> until the end
가보자-> we should go/try to go (go and see what happens) verb+보다 grammar

너 그럴 줄 알았어
serves you right!! (You should have known)
그럴-> like that
줄 알다 grammar-> to know

To deserve

등 가려워! 등 좀 긁어 줘?
My back itches! Will you scratch it?
등-> back
가렵다-> to be itchy
좀 Short for 조금 a little
긁다-> scratch

나한테 어떻게 그럴 수 있어?!
How could you do that to me?
그럴 수 있다-> to be able to do like that

왜 내게 그랬니?
Why would you do that to me?
literal-> why like that to me?

저만 그랬나요?
Was it only me? Am i the only one like this?
그렇다 To be like that

다시 생각해봐
Give it a second thought / Think about it some more
Lit-> try to think again
생각하다 To think

무슨 “명사”가 그렇다?
What kind of a noun is this?
like when something doesn’t match your expectations
->literally “what noun is like that?”
-> 무슨 호텔이 그래? what kind of a hotel is this?
-> 무슨 공포영화가 그래? what kind of a horror movie is this?

닭살/소름 돋다
To get the chills/goosebumps

소위 닭살 커플
A so called goosebumps couple
소위-> so called
닭살 커플 goosebumps couple (a couple so sickeningly lovey dovey it grosses people out and gives them the goosebumps)

만약 그 곳에 가고 못 돌아온다면
What if I go and can’t come back?

가서 돌아오지마!
Leave and never return/go away and don’t come back!
가고 돌아오다-> to go and return

오늘 비가 오락가락해요
It’s raining off and on
to come and go/ do off and on

오늘의 유용할 것 같은 단어:
possibly useful word of the day:

커피 포트기 / 전기 포트
an electric kettle!
전기 -> electric power/electricity
주전자-> kettle
(my friend was asking what a 커피 포트기 was in english so ya. randomness of the day🤣)

내가 하는 것보다 오히려 니가 하는 게 더 나을 수도 있어
Rather than I do it, its best if you do it
오히려-> rather/instead

오히려 제가 더 죄송합니다
Rather, I’m more sorry (I’m the one who should be saying sorry)

제게는 사과 하지 마세요
You don’t have to apologize to me (please dont say sorry to me)
사과 하다-> to apologize

아점 먹어요
Eating breakfast for lunch! (brunch!)
아점-> 아침+점심 (brunch!)

제 남자친구가 가방으로 얼굴을 맞았어요
My boyfriend was hit in the face by a bag
저는 제 남지친구의 얼굴을 가방으로 때렸어요
I hit my boyfriends face with a bag
때리다-> to hit
뺨을 때리다-> to slap
뺨을 맞다-> to be slapped

미안! 나 멍때리는 중이였어!
Sorry! I was spacing out!
왜 그렇게 멍청하게 있어? 정신 차려!!
Why are you spaced? Snap out of it! (-> from 정신 차리다)
멍하다-> to space out (zone out. be dazed)
멍때리다-> to space out (zone out. be dazed)
멍청하게 있다-> be spaced out/zoned out
잠깐 멍 했어요-> i was spaced out for a second

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