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태양 / 해 sun

(태양 is used when speaking of the suns role in the solar system though it can be used for saying things like “the sun is bright” although 해 is mostly used when saying everyday sentences such as “the sun is bright”. 태양 is based on chinese so it is used more in like school and science type settings)

별자리 constellation / star sign

황도십이궁 zodiac

THE 12 ZODIACS (날짜-> date)




뱀주인자리 (ophiucus) is also referred to as 땅꾼자리


위성 “natural satellite” or moon.

-> a celestial body orbiting a planet (This is more like the moons role in the solar system. Otherwise it is simply “planetname의 달”. Except for our moon which is just 달)

성간우주 / 성간공간 interstellar space

성간 (별사이) interstellar (between the stars)

공간 space (as in “area” like in a room)

우주 universe / outerspace

은하 galaxy

행성간공강 interplanetary

블랙홀 black hole

성간매질 interstellar medium

은하수 milky way

북극광 northern lights

오르트 구름 Oort cloud

산란 원반 scattered disk

카이퍼 벨트 / 카이퍼 띠 kuiper belt

태양계 solar system

태양계소천체 small solar system bodies (SSSB)

소행성대 asteroid belt

소행성 asteroid

유성 meteor

유성우 meteor shower

유성체 meteoroid

운석 meteorite

혜성 comet

천체 astronomical object/celestial body

미국항공우주국 (나사) nasa

한국항공우주연구원 kari (korea aerospace research institute) for short, 카리 or 항우연

행성 planet

수성 mercury

금성 venus

지구 earth

화성 mars

목성 jupiter

토성 saturn

천왕성 uranus

해왕성 neptune (좋아해왕성~ pun for 좋아해왔어 😁)

명왕성 pluto

대기 atmosphere

대류권 troposphere

성층권 stratosphere

중간권 mesosphere

열권 thermosphere

외기권 exosphere

자외선 UV

오존층 ozone layer

우주선 spaceship

미확인 비행 물체 UFO (they actually just use “UFO” as well but knowing the translation is fun~)

우주인 / 외계인 alien

(외계인 is mostly used)

우주인 / 우주비행사 astronaut

–> 우주인 literally means “space person” and is most common for an astronaut while 외계인 is most common for an alien. On the other hand, the hanja for 우주인 (宇宙人)  is used for an alien in Japanese 😉 (Japanese pronounce similar to 우추진 – うちゅうじん)

외계생물 extraterrestrial life

(생물 can also be 생물체, 생명체, or 유기체. these are words for “life form / living organism”)


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