Random sentences I learned

When I was first studying, I noted these to learn some vocabulary words or to learn the construction of certain types of sentences. Let me know if you see any mistakes! 무슨 앱으로 한국어 공부해요?What apps are you using to study korean? 거의 끝났어요/ 거의 끝나가요It’s almost finished/ I’m almost doneliteral-> its almost ended/ itsContinue reading “Random sentences I learned”

씩 counter

씩 (each) Attach to counter / measurement (time and mathematecial) / 조금 이번 주말에 하루 12시간씩 일해야 돼요I have to work 12 hours each day this weekend(this time weekend a day 12 hours each work I have to) 앞으로 2주에 한 번씩 글을 올리겠습니다.From now on I’ll post a writing one time each every 2Continue reading “씩 counter”