You have seaweed on your face

I’m going to a concert (Groovl1n) and we got VIP tickets, so it involves a Hi-touch. My friend is helping me practice my verbal/auditory Korean skills and gave me a … sort of joke that I should tell the artist when I meet him.

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씩 counter

씩 (each)

Attach to counter / measurement (time and mathematecial) / 조금

이번 주말에 하루 12시간씩 일해야 돼요
I have to work 12 hours each day this weekend
(this time weekend a day 12 hours each work I have to)

앞으로 2주에 한 번씩 글을 올리겠습니다.
From now on I’ll post a writing one time each every 2 weeks (share a story once every two weeks)

남자들은 가방을 한 개씩 가져왔어요
The men brought one bag each

한 번에 한 명씩 들어오세요
Please enter one person at a time

한국어를 조금씩 배워가고 있어요
Learning to do korean little by little
조금씩-> little by little

물을 하루 2L씩 꼭 드세요
Drink 2L of water a day
(This was written on a photocard by SF9 Dawon. It’s where I learned about it lol)

달다 vs 달콤하다 vs 달달하다 (words meaning ‘sweet’)

They all mean ‘sweet’, but they different nuances


used to describe food

This is the most common word that you will see for sweet. It’s also the one that you will most likely be taught in a class or online course. It’s a neutral word, meaning it can be used to indicate that a food’s sweetness is either good or bad.

이 케이크 아주 달아요!

This cake is so sweet!

(in a good way; its sweet and I like it)

이 케이크 너무 달아요!

This cake is too sweet!

(in a bad way; its too sweet so I don’t like it)


used for food

달콤하다 is also used to describe food. However, unlike 달다, 달콤하다 has a positive meaning, so can not be used to indicate that a food is unpleasantly sweet. Other than this, the words are essentially the same.


used for food or atmosphere

This word actually used to be considered a dialect but it’s usage has recently become more popular so it’s now a more common word ~

달달하다 is generally used to indicate a lasting sweetness in food. For example, if I wajted to describe chocolate or candy, I would use either 달다 or 달콤하다, but to describe honey I would use 달달하다, as honey has a more lasting, natural sweetness to its flavor.

In addition to being used to describe food, 달달하다 can also be used to describe a situation or person. When used in this context, it takes on a meaning similar to that of ‘romantic’.

분위기가 달달해요

The atmosphere is romantic.

Vocab Review


to be sweet (food)

positive or negative connotation


to be sweet (food)

positive connotation


to be sweet (food or atmosphere)

~ Hannah

별다줄 meaning

An abbreviation to complain about abbreviations 🙂

Image Source

“An abbreviation for 별걸 다 줄인다 which is like [every little thing gets abbreviated]. It is used when the person you are talking to uses an abbreviation that is difficult to understand or makes it difficult to pronounce. It expresses your displeasure with how every little thing gets shortened, even when there is no need” (<- not literal)

often means like “special/particular/different/uncommon”

줄이다 to be shortened or decreased (someone does the shortening or decreasing. compared to 줄다 which is when something shortens or decreases by itself. 옷이 줄었어 the clothes shrank / 옷을 줄였어 the clothes were shrunk)

본딧말 original word

바름 pronunciation

짧다 short (짧게 말하면-> “in short”)

못마땅하다 to be displeased

Ravi Real1ze Photocard Translation




⋰                                      ⋱


⋱                                      ⋰




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