How to Learn Korean Sign Language

FOR THOSE WHO DONT LIKE READING, HERE IS A YOUTUBE VIDEO. CHECK THE DESCRIPTION FOR SOURCES. OTHERWISE, EVERYTHING IS IN THIS BLOG . . . You can do a search for Korean Sign Language on youtube and find quite a few videos. You will have to search in Korean though. You can search for 수화Continue reading “How to Learn Korean Sign Language”

Writing 1

I just tried to create some random sentences to expose you to grammar and vocab🤷‍♀ In the answer section, I note grammar you should study for that sentence. Hope you enjoy it! ☆~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~☆ Translate into English 1) 케이팝을 좋아해요. 2) 드라마를 봤어요. 3) 한국에 가고 싶어요. 4) 물을 2(두) 병 주세요. (number spelled out inContinue reading “Writing 1”

백신 vs 백신접종 vs 예방접종 [vaccination]

These are useful words to know! They come up a lot in conversation, nowadays. 백신 Vaccine This is the vaccine itself, the medication that you put into your body. 접종 백신접종 Vaccination This refers to the act of getting vaccinated. An example sentence can be seen in the news article shared by 리리! It’s also where IContinue reading “백신 vs 백신접종 vs 예방접종 [vaccination]”

과외쌤 vs 가정교사 vs 개인교사 [tutoring]

Appreciate my image pls 저는 미국 수화 과외쌤이서 이 단어들 배웠어요 I’m a tutor primarily (I tutor ASL specifically), and while at work I decided to write ASL Tutor on the board in both English and Korean. But I had to learn the Korean word and turns out there’s a lot of options:

수까 meaning ( NCT Doyoung )

You may see NCT Doyoung get teased for 수까수까 (sukkasukka) but what does it mean? 수까 is improper for 스까 (seukka) which is a Busan dialect for 섞어 (seokkeo) which means “to mix or stir” The line in his drama was “mix a little bit of water with ice… mix…mix -> 물은 아주 조금만 얼음과Continue reading “수까 meaning ( NCT Doyoung )”

Wuthering Heights Vocab Pull (Korean/한국어)

I adore Wuthering Heights. It isn’t a feel good book by any means, but its cathartic and engrossing as long as you aren’t one of those people who have to love and support a novel’s characters, because you definitely don’t love or even like these characters. But you read to see the horrific sequence ofContinue reading “Wuthering Heights Vocab Pull (Korean/한국어)”

Korean Goguryeo Dynasty Monarchs + Vocab

I’m reading a book called Korean History in Maps (it’s really cool, it shows the different dynasties and the change in geography, as well as giving you the basis of wars, politics, and religion in each one) The author compiled this list of monarchs who ruled in the Goguryeo period (Goryeo later came about fromContinue reading “Korean Goguryeo Dynasty Monarchs + Vocab”

Mill’s Bio OnlyOneOf

NAME: Mill❤(I am OnlyOneOf’s cutsey member) REAL NAME: Lee YongsooDOB: 03-30-1999HEIGHT/WEIGHT: Height is aratio. 187cm/54KgBlood Type: BRESPONSIBILITY: OnlyOneOfclean up crew. Idol know it all.MOTTO: “The pain of learningis brief, but not learning isa lifelong struggle” LIKES: day 1 tweet 1 (talking with fans), soccer, baseball, swimming,foot volleyball (exercise haha), watching entertainment tv,watching movies, actiiiing.Taking selfiesContinue reading “Mill’s Bio OnlyOneOf”