Right Brained or Left Brained?

우 and 좌 are chinese based words우-> 右 (오른쪽) -> right side좌-> 左 (왼쪽) -> left side 우 뇌 right brain좌 뇌 left brain 검사test 시력검사 vision test 우세안 검사eye dominance test 뇌타입 테스트brain type test 우(좌)뇌형right(left) brained 왼(오른)손잡이left(right) handed 왼(오른)눈잡이left(right) eye is dominant 왼(오른)발잡이left (right) foot is dominant (They say “foot” instead of “leg”Continue reading “Right Brained or Left Brained?”

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Preventing the Virus

Learning with Tiktok (Group: OnlyOneOf Fandom lyOn) 1) Wear a mask 예방하다 to prevent 마스크 face mask -> this is the kind of mask you use for health purposes while 가면 is more like a halloween or other kind of mask 착용하다 to wear (a formal word used for anything you wear. In casual situationsContinue reading “Preventing the Virus”