Wuthering Heights Vocab Pull (Korean/한국어)

I adore Wuthering Heights. It isn’t a feel good book by any means, but its cathartic and engrossing as long as you aren’t one of those people who have to love and support a novel’s characters, because you definitely don’t love or even like these characters. But you read to see the horrific sequence ofContinue reading “Wuthering Heights Vocab Pull (Korean/한국어)”

Korean Goguryeo Dynasty Monarchs + Vocab

I’m reading a book called Korean History in Maps (it’s really cool, it shows the different dynasties and the change in geography, as well as giving you the basis of wars, politics, and religion in each one) The author compiled this list of monarchs who ruled in the Goguryeo period (Goryeo later came about fromContinue reading “Korean Goguryeo Dynasty Monarchs + Vocab”

Words Used for Monarchs in the Korean Silla Dynasty

The current Korean word for king is 왕, and this is the word that has been used most frequently throughout the dynasties. However, during the Silla Dynasty, the words used for ‘king’ changed over time. In the book Korean History in Maps, the author compiles a list of the monarchs who ruled in each time period.Continue reading “Words Used for Monarchs in the Korean Silla Dynasty”

저승사자 and Grim Reapers

Note: We were previously on Amino and are now copying all of our posts to this new location Note: Vocab list is included at the end of the post I’m just going to start with 저승사자 and go from there since that’s how all this started anyway ~

Halloween Vocab!

In Korea, Halloween is mostly just parties celebrated in the touristy areas ~ (it’s getting more popular, but otherwise isn’t widely celebrated) 요괴yokai 귀신ghost (that resembles a human in appearance) 유령ghost (not human like in appearance) 잭오랜턴jack o lantern 괴물monster 흡혈귀vampire 사체corpse 호박 / 늙은호박pumpkin 흉가haunted house 박쥐bat 마술magic (the magic humans actually do) 마술사realContinue reading “Halloween Vocab!”

Different Color Words

☆~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~☆ Why so many words😱😭 Remember… we do this in english too! Do you know what the difference is in purple and violet? Neither do I🤣 . There’s tons of different shades and tints of each color. So there’s tons of different words! Noone sits there and thinks “Hmmm.. Is it purple or violet?” TheyContinue reading “Different Color Words”

Illness and Medicine

Click the links to skip ahead in the blog Talking about Illness Talking about symptoms Taking medicine Taking drugs Additional Phrases Nauseous / upset stomach Vocabulary ☆~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~☆ Talking About Illness In korean, you don’t “have” disease, you “catch” disease . -> the disease you catch is marked with 에 감기에 걸렸어요-– I caught a coldContinue reading “Illness and Medicine”