Queen related vocab

 I wanted to translate this Korean “poster” but I don’t know how to simply look up a handful of words lol It always turns into a list. Hope you enjoy! 대개봉  coming out 만화영화  animated film  (due to the vocab, I thought it was based on 만화 but it’s just an animated film in general)Continue reading “Queen related vocab”

달다 vs 달콤하다 vs 달달하다 (words meaning ‘sweet’)

They all mean ‘sweet’, but they different nuances 달다 used to describe food This is the most common word that you will see for sweet. It’s also the one that you will most likely be taught in a class or online course. It’s a neutral word, meaning it can be used to indicate that aContinue reading “달다 vs 달콤하다 vs 달달하다 (words meaning ‘sweet’)”

별다줄 meaning

An abbreviation to complain about abbreviations 🙂 “An abbreviation for 별걸 다 줄인다 which is like [every little thing gets abbreviated]. It is used when the person you are talking to uses an abbreviation that is difficult to understand or makes it difficult to pronounce. It expresses your displeasure with how every little thing getsContinue reading “별다줄 meaning”