Christmas Day 크리스마스 날

크리스마스 christmas 메리 크리스마스 merry christmas!  크리스마스 트리christmas tree  별star 흐리다to be cloudy 선물 gift / present 크리스마스 트리 아래에 선물을 놓다to put a present under the tree 선물을 받다 to receive a gift  선물을 주다 to give a gift 선물을 풀다to open/unwrap a gift(풀다 is to untie/unwind/undo) 선물 포장지 wrapping paper(literal “gift wrapping”. 포장지 is a wrapper. 사탕 포장지 isContinue reading “Christmas Day 크리스마스 날”

대리만족 and 먹방 (Korean Vocab)

My friend and I were talking about 먹방 and I have no idea why. But we were discussing how we don’t see the appeal of them and don’t watch them. I’m like ‘I don’t understand, why do people like them so much?’ She said that it’s because it gives them 대리만족. And I was likeContinue reading “대리만족 and 먹방 (Korean Vocab)”

Strange Planet Comic Translation (Korean/English)

I’ll absorb it all I’ll absorb it all 내가 A combination of the informal you 나 (meaning ‘I’) and the topic particle -가. -이/가 is used to indicate the topic of a sentence. -이 for words ending in a consonant sound and -가 for those ending in a vowel sound. When these attach to 나,Continue reading “Strange Planet Comic Translation (Korean/English)”