Sending Love

This was originally made for SF9 Amino regarding their participation in Kingdom.



There are several ways you can express your love and support, we will talk about 3!


1) (name) 화이팅 / 파이팅

화이팅 / 파이팅 are konglish for “fighting”. It is a word of encouragement that someone can do well and to wish them luck in their endeavors!

GROUP 화이팅 or GROUP 파이팅!

(Group names may be written in English letters or in Konglish)

We can even support eachother with FANDOM도 파이팅!

(Fandoms are also written in konglish)

The 도 attached means we are also supporting eachother, not just our boys. (it means “too”).

We cheer eachother on cause we have to support the groups with our votes during comebacks. So let’s go, we can do this!

2) (name) 응원해요!

This literally means “cheering for name” it can translate as “pulling for~” and “rooting for~”

셒구 응훤해요!

I am cheering for you sf9 / rooting for you sf9!

3) (country)에서 응원을 보내요!

Literally “I’m sending cheer/support from country”. This translates more naturally as “love from country”.

If you’ve already mentioned or said something to sf9, you can simply say (country)에서 응원을 보내요! But if you need/want to specify “to sf9” then add sf9에게 before 응원. the 에게 means “to” like when giving “to” somebody

미국에서 셒구에게 응원을 보내요!

Sending love to SF9 from America!



We can wish everyone luck by telling them not to get hurt and push forward.

  • 다른 그룹도 다치지 말고 최선을 다하세요

최선을 다하다-> to do ones best / give it ones all

지 말고 is a grammar. “instead of A, do B”

다치다 is to get hurt/injured

다른 그룹도 means “other groups too. not just sf9”

미국에서 셒구에게 응원을 보내요! 다른 그룹도 다치지 말고 최선을 다하세요. 판타지도 화이팅하자!

literal: Sending support to SF9 from America. The other groups too, dont get hurt and do your best. Let’s also fight Fantasy’s!

more natural: Sending love to SF9 from America! everyone be safe and have fun. Let’s go fantasy!

(I feel like we tell people “to have fun” rather than “to do your best” in English so that’s why I changed it)



you can typically search your country in english on naver and it will translate

태국 thailand

일본 japan

독일 germany

프랑스 france

영국 UK

미국 USA

호주 australia

인도 india

중국 china

스페인 spain

멕시코 mexico

러시아 russia

If you’re from somewhere like “Caribbean islands” you say specifically where from in the Caribbean rather than referring to it as a whole.


This is just 1 of many ways you can show your support ~ hope you enjoyed it

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We are just 2 students who wish to share the love and joy of learning language through lesson posts and translations! We are doing this for fun, based on our experience and questions we ask native speakers. We are not fluent! Just passionate  ~ Hannah, Shelbi, and Jordan

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