Words for ‘Author’ (Korean/English)

I just learned these so figured I’d pop on and share real quick. 작가 작가 is a general term for ‘writer’. It can be the writer of a novel, script, textbook, etc. 작 is ‘a work’, as in something that someone produced. -가 is added to the end to indicate that it is noun aContinue reading “Words for ‘Author’ (Korean/English)”

이상하다 vs 엉뚱하다 vs 낯설다 / being strange

A quick guide to the difference between these 3 words because Google Translate pretty much translates them all to ‘strange’ 이상하다 This straight up means ‘weird’. It has a negative context. eg. 그 이상한 남자는 나한테 이거 줬어 That weird guy gave me this I guess with the insinuation that he’s a little creepy orContinue reading “이상하다 vs 엉뚱하다 vs 낯설다 / being strange”

Words for mask

마스크 This is typically the mask worn for health purposes and you can either 하다 or 쓰다 it , 가면 Decorative masks. These tend to be hard and thick and you 쓰다 them , 복면 Decorative masks that are typically made out of fabric and you 쓰다 them. Unlike 가면, these masks are soft andContinue reading “Words for mask”

모자라다 VS 부족하다 VS 모자르다

모자라다 VS 부족하다these are synonyms They are like inadequate vs insufficient. They are similar and included in eachothers definitions. From what ive seen id say: 모자라다 insufficient(because I’ve seen it dealing with quantity which is what insufficient is) 부족하다 inadequate(whereas this is both quantity andquality) EXAMPLEWe dont say “an insufficient person”, we say “an inadequateContinue reading “모자라다 VS 부족하다 VS 모자르다”

흑당 / 흑설탕 / 황설탕 [Words for Brown Sugar]

All the words mean ‘brown sugar’ but there’s different nuances and contexts. 흑당 This word is only really used to refer to the brown sugar milk tea flavor.

잊다 vs 까먹다 [forgetting]

Both mean ‘to forget’. 잊다 잊다 is the standard word you will probably learn for ‘forget’. It’s a more formal term; you can use it in informal, casual conversation or in a formal setting where you’re giving a speech or talking to someone you don’t know.

백신 vs 백신접종 vs 예방접종 [vaccination]

These are useful words to know! They come up a lot in conversation, nowadays. 백신 Vaccine This is the vaccine itself, the medication that you put into your body. 접종 백신접종 Vaccination This refers to the act of getting vaccinated. An example sentence can be seen in the news article shared by 리리! It’s also where IContinue reading “백신 vs 백신접종 vs 예방접종 [vaccination]”

과외쌤 vs 가정교사 vs 개인교사 [tutoring]

Appreciate my image pls 저는 미국 수화 과외쌤이서 이 단어들 배웠어요 I’m a tutor primarily (I tutor ASL specifically), and while at work I decided to write ASL Tutor on the board in both English and Korean. But I had to learn the Korean word and turns out there’s a lot of options: