Beginner Worksheet 2

FILL IN THE BLANKS WITH THE CORRECT MARKER. 1) 한국__ 가고 싶어요 -> I want to go to korea 2) 한국__ 낮 두 시예요 -> It is 2pm in korea 3) 햄버거__ 먹었어요 -> I ate a hamburger 4) 고양이__ 없어요 -> There are no cats 5) 병원__ 일해요 -> I work at a hospitalContinue reading “Beginner Worksheet 2”

Grammar Conjugation Practice (Beginner 1)

This exercise isn’t to practice the grammar itself, but to practice how to conjugate it with the different verbs/nouns. This exercise covers 아/어서, 으면, 의, 은/는, 이/가, and 을/를 Properly combine the given word with the grammar point: Conjugate using past, present, and future tenses when applicable (not all grammar points utilize the 3 tenses)Continue reading “Grammar Conjugation Practice (Beginner 1)”

Writing 1

I just tried to create some random sentences to expose you to grammar and vocab🤷‍♀ In the answer section, I note grammar you should study for that sentence. Hope you enjoy it! ☆~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~☆ Translate into English 1) 케이팝을 좋아해요. 2) 드라마를 봤어요. 3) 한국에 가고 싶어요. 4) 물을 2(두) 병 주세요. (number spelled out inContinue reading “Writing 1”