How to get started learning Korean!

Learn the Alphabet The first step in your Korean studies should be learning the writing system. Romanization isn’t very accurate so not only will you mispronounce words, you won’t be able to understand them when spoken either. Do not worry though! Hangul is considered one of the easiest alphabets to learn. It was designed toContinue reading “How to get started learning Korean!”

Queen related vocab

 I wanted to translate this Korean “poster” but I don’t know how to simply look up a handful of words lol It always turns into a list. Hope you enjoy! 대개봉  coming out 만화영화  animated film  (due to the vocab, I thought it was based on 만화 but it’s just an animated film in general)Continue reading “Queen related vocab”

찰떡 and 개떡 meaning

찰떡-> 잘 맞다 / 딱 맞다 It is along the lines of “to fit well” “to fit perfectly” “be right for” I saw it several times on instagram, I was confused at first until I realized they were using BTS choreography (thank you commenters lol) for a different song So they were saying that theContinue reading “찰떡 and 개떡 meaning”

Stroke order

This is just about the handwriting, not reading of characters. Also, there is a worksheet for practice! I made it myself so it isn’t perfect. I tried to include practice on some combos I either struggled with or others said they struggled with. I also have random sentences on wide and thin lines for moreContinue reading “Stroke order”

Hangul (reading the alphabet)

A basic overview of the korean letters! I recommend slowing down kpop lyric videos and reading along, or using sources like “korean short stories for language learners” where you can listen and read along. stroke order can be found here! About Hangul Koreans didn’t have a writing system until the 1440s when King Sejong inventedContinue reading “Hangul (reading the alphabet)”