Uses of 치다


To hit


I found out that you 치다 typewriters today and I got really excited over that. It made me want to make a list of things that you can 치다.


It’s used for typing on things

컴퓨터 치다

To type on a computer

타자기 치다

To type on a typewriter

These uses of 치다 are grammatically correct but not often used anymore, apparently.


* Note on 타자기 *

타자기 means typewriter. 타자 means typing.


It’s used for playing certain instruments

피아노 치다

To play a piano

기타 치다

To play the guitar

Apparently you don’t 치다 a lot of things. It’s generally just used to mean ‘hit’

~ Hannah

Published by Hannah & Shelbi

We are just 2 students who wish to share the love and joy of learning language through lesson posts and translations! We are doing this for fun, based on our experience and questions we ask native speakers. We are not fluent! Just passionate  ~ Hannah, Shelbi, and Jordan

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